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Keeping Your Iphone Data Usage under Check

The use of mobile phones has increased considerably in recent years, especially with the emergence of Smartphone. People no longer need a visit to the cyber café or wait until they can get to the office to read their mails or update their multiple social media profiles because they can do so using their mobile phones. Data limits are every smart phone user’s enemy. Just a download at a wrong time may send a skyrocketing bill. iPhone has a built in tool that allows one to track his or her data usage, and one can also get free reports from a carrier that gives you a more accurate picture.

Here are three steps on how to check data usage on iPhone:

  • Begin by opening the settings to find the application on the home screen.
  • Tap on the cellular. It’s on the top group of options and then tap general – usage –cellular usage. The display on the screen shows the current period, lifetime, and current period and roaming. Cellular usage also includes wireless data used for web browsing, emails as well as social media.
  • The next step entails scrolling down cellular data usage where information is listed. It is necessary to reset your present period since the information displayed might be inaccurate.

Data usage statistics is extremely important because it helps individuals to get an accurate reading of how they are using their data on their iPhone. Users are required to reset statistics on the first day of their billing cycle. This can be done by tapping the reset button at the bottom of the screen. Computation of data used over a given period of time is simply done by tapping the ‘reset statistics’ button on the menu.
Looking and understanding your data plan is also essential. The data usage app on your iPhone will let you see how much data you have used up to a certain point, but it cannot show how near you are to your monthly or weekly limit. However, you can retrieve this information by entering the code depending on your service provider. In a bit to control your data usage on your phone, you will see ‘data tethered.’ There is no point being confused as this means the class of data used while your iPhone is connected to another device using the individual hotspot feature. Generally, you can make use of the inbuilt data monitoring app on your iPhone to a great advantage. Knowing how to check data usage on iPhone gives you greater control of the amount of data you use when reading emails, doing online research and on social media. There are various data monitoring apps available on the app store that you can download to track the same with some enhanced features added by the developers.

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