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Energy Trading Surveillance Services: At a Glance

In due course of time the incessant rise in number of sellers and buyers entering trading demands a transparent system to build trust among each other. Hence, it becomes essential on part of every trading company to employ trading surveillance services in order to remain compliant with ever changing rules and regulations. Along with various over the counter markets (OTC), natural gas trading poses huge challenges in regulating market transparency and unscrupulous practices. In recent past these challenges have become more sever in case of gas trading because the emergence of several trading practices are influencing the value of position and benchmark pricing. As a matter of fact, regulators demand strict surveillance into potentially abusive behavior. This is when energy trading surveillance services come into picture which is instrumental in keeping energy trading companies compliant with specific regulations.

Energy trading surveillance services

Surveillance companies help energy trading companies efficiently detect market abuse, suspicious trading, price manipulation and insider dealing, especially in case of gas trading companies. They help firms to be REMIT (Regulation on Energy Market integrity and transparency) compliant. Always, look for a provider that makes use of advanced surveillance technology and provides a complete market abuse monitoring and alert management solution.


-        Monitoring and systematic management of market abuse and insider dealing activities
-        Deep insight into potential incidents
-        Complete compliance with REMIT requirements
-        Cost-effective
-        Enhance credibility of the trading firm

How to find a reliable energy trading surveillance service provider?

Surveillance is a crucial procedure for which you need to employ a reliable trading surveillance service provider. First thing first, start with a local web search which will lead you to numerous service providers online. Make sure you read the testimonials posted on the website of the companies you shortlist, before you make the final selection. This will give you a fair idea about the credibility of the company.

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