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Manage Your Smart Phone's Data.... Smarter way!

What can't a smart phone do these days? From face to face conference calls, to web browsing and network sharing, data is constantly strumming through your mobile device, for which your mobile company charges you. At sign up, you opt for different plans that include data transmission of your preference. However, you are not always aware of how much, or little; you use it until you start downloading new apps and features.

The Ultimate in Control at Your Fingertips

There's an easy solution to keep track of your data consumption and that is with an app called My Data Manager. My data manager app allows for complete control over your usage so you will know when you are drawing close to your limit. It has a unique feature described as a monthly data forecast. Within this forecast, it will give you a hypothetical play by play of where your data usage will be used if you keep what you currently have been functioning. The ultimate goal is to prevent data use overage causing you to pay the difference on your next bill.

My Data Manager App will provide you a data budget. It will provide you with a day to day amount of data that can be used to keep you within your monthly data plan. This includes calculating how much music you can stream per day, how much social networking you have available, and how many videos you can watch. This app is customizable by you upon download where you enter the details of your monthly plan. From there, the app allocates information accordingly. You can program the app to turn off data usage automatically when limits are being reached.

Data managing apps such as this play as a data meter for your mobile device. Alerts will be provided for Wi-fi hotspots and to verify Wi-Fi connection speed. Some smart devices have a built in data meter in their settings. However, the built-in utility tool is terribly limiting and will not provide you the luxury of many value-added functions as you would find in a downloaded app. 

The Low Maintenance App

Contrary to popular apps, this managing app does not use up a lot of battery life and data. It primarily captures statistics directly from your mobile device to collect information and is a free-standing app, meaning no Internet connection is needed for it to operate and collate the usage pattern of your smartphone. 

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