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Domain Registration – The First Step in Creation of a Website

Domain registration is the first step in creation of your own website. It is the name that visitors to your website would key in; it is often a catchy phrase or word ending in .com, .net. .org, .biz, or any other extension.  Of all the extensions available today, .com is one of the most frequently used and also among the most popular.

For registering a domain name, you would have to start with finding an ICANN accredited domain registrar. You can then check whether some of the names you have selected for your domain are available or not.

You can opt for a keyword as your domain name. Or, you could opt for shorter words that are easy to remember and can be branded over time. The probability of a catchy and relevant domain name being taken up by others is usually quite high. During domain registration, make sure you are registering .net and .org domain with the .com domain to safeguard your brand from future competition.

The best domain registration companies today are offering a whole range of add on services such as DNS management, domain forwarding, privacy protect, email accounts, and much more. They are also going out of the way to make sure that the future website owners are not inconvenienced in any manner; they are offering 24 hour customer support, seven days a week to answer all customer queries in the best possible manner.

The best registration companies today are offering all this and more at competitive rates. This means that individuals as well as business owners searching for a place to register their domain names have everything going in their favor. They can choose domain names depending on the purpose of their websites, check for availability, and purchase their selected domain names at industry leading prices with a whole lot of freebies for starting their sites. 

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