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The Heart of Hosted IVR Solutions

The cloud revolution is here and it is here to stay. This reality is evidenced by the way cloud has found its way into most technologies. This growth has resulted in the gradual replacement of standalone legacy IT solutions with the all new software-as-a-service. IVR or interactive voice response has not been spared this upgrading and the result has been hosted IVR solutions.

What is IVR?

In the past, IVR Solutions employed pre-recorded voice prompts as well as menus to present options and information to the caller. The responses were entered by way of a touch-tone telephone keypad. This type of technology can be used to retrieve information such as product details, bank balance, mobile recharge balance, order status and a whole lot more.

IVR solutions have grown to be the backbone of customer contact centers to provide the user with a high quality service and numerous other benefits.

Hosted IVR

The advent of hosted IVR solutions has made it easy for you to equip your business with cutting edge IVR technology without investing the effort and costs associated with legacy solutions. Hosted solutions require no investment in equipment acquisition and maintenance, as all you need is your telephone system, while the IVR solution is maintained by the service provider.

Other factors that favour a hosted solution for your needs include:

     -  Easy expansion – Due to the location of the equipment at the hosting facility, upgrading and down grading becomes an effortless undertaking. It’s as simple as choosing a different package and the service provider will make all the necessary adjustments at their facility.  This ensures that your business always has just what it needs, nothing less and nothing more.
    -   Monitor expenses in real-time – You can quickly work out your ROI in real time with a hosted solution. You can ascertain the precise number of calls, successful calls and abandoned calls among others.
     -  Focus on core-business functions – A hosted solution promises to get rid of excess baggage, allowing you to concentrate on your business. You don’t need to recruit technical personnel to deal with the IVR equipment or devote office space to such a set up.

Other benefits include the ability to move on to new technologies without experiencing a loss in terms of the obsolete equipment. Technology is advancing at a menacing pace and this fact is a reality. You can get IVR services on-line from a reputable company.


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