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Monday, 15 December 2014

REMIT Requirements: At a Glance

REMIT, an acronym for regulation on wholesale energy markets integrity and transparency, enclose a set of regulations stipulated by European parliament on Oct 25, 2011. The chief objective behind the regulations is to maintain the integrity and bring about the transparency in the wholesale energy market. REMIT energy brings greater transparency in wholesale energy markets, which in turn reduces the risk of market manipulation and the distortions in prices. Moreover, it ensures that the consumers pay fair price for their gas and electricity. All in all the regulations create a level playing field for all market participants.

REMIT Requirements

In recent decade, the surge in the wholesale energy markets has been witnessed in Pan-European. The energy market across the Europe is intensely interlinked; any kind of market abuse in one member state will affect other member states as well. So far, only a few member states have been able to monitor wholesale energy markets within their boundaries. Moreover, due to the lack of binding regulations on energy market players, no one has a clear prohibition on market abuses. Most of the transactions and fundamental data were not accessible to regulators. This is why European Union came up with an idea of framing certain guidelines to enhance the accountability and bring more transparency in the gas and electricity wholesale market with an EU-wide monitoring scheme.
The framework of REMIT covers contracts for the supply of energy including electricity and natural gas within the union as well as contracts relating to the transportation of electricity or natural gas into the union. 

Benefits of REMIT Compliance Solutions

Many service providers are offering an array of REMIT energy solutions, but organizations must have to keep in mind that the software is easy to implement and that you don’t have to build separate solutions for each problem. In addition, the software solution should be flexible enough to cater to new requirements. Some of the benefits of an advanced REMIT software solution include:
  • Keep abreast of latest regulatory changes and respond quickly 
  • Reduce overhead cost and workload
  • Proactive management of any suspicious trends
  • Improved market abuse monitoring 
  • Boost risk management and compliance oversight
REMIT regulations framed by EU, apply to the wholesale energy market in the European Union to bring about integrity and transparency in their market practice. This ensures a level playing field for consumers across the region.

5 Tips for selecting eDiscovery solutions

Today, with the rising number of corporate investigations, lawsuits and regulatory audits it has become essential for almost every company to keep record of it's data which might be useful in the future as a proof for litigation. Financial institutions in particular are often slapped with legal issues; they are thronged with multiple lawsuits and due to the lack of data, it becomes difficult task for them to provide evidences and proofs on time. The assistance they seek is not enough and often misleading for which they end up paying heavy prices.

The need of the hour for almost every organization is to have a sound e-Discovery solution in place rather than incurring more expanses without any great benefit. The use of eDiscovery solutions has unraveled a promising future for the legal world. The solution enables organizations to record any sort of electronic data such as emails, audio and video files, spreadsheets and documents in case of their use as an evidence for legal matters.

Nevertheless, with an array of software options available, companies have to prudently evaluate their needs before determining the right eDiscovery software for their needs.

Some Tips for Selecting the Right Solution for Your Company

- Cost-effectiveness

It is always better to invest in an eDiscovery solution that is affordable and guarantees a good ROI. Explore your options well before selecting a right one.

- Choosing the Right Solution from the Clutter

Since there is no single e-Discovery solution that manages all aspects of e-discovery, nonetheless one should focus on the most important aspects of e-Discovery and then choose a solution that can address those aspects with single unified application.

- Flexibility

In various organizations, data is found at variety of places in an unstructured manner, therefore the eDiscovery solution that you choose should be flexible enough to reprocess and analyze data from all these diverse places.

- Precision

At time of lawsuit, it is important to retrieve data relevant to that particular litigation. Failing to do so may land you in some serious problems like loss of money, time, as well as an embarrassing situation for the company. Hence, a sound eDiscovery solution makes an ideal choice when it comes to retrieve accurate information.

- Easy to Integration

When you are surrounded with various legal requests, time plays a crucial role as every second counts. If the eDiscovery solution delays in deployment before starting the eDiscovery process, start considering other options. A good eDiscovery reference model (EDRM) is one that is hassle free and easy to deploy, use and maintain. 

Investing in good eDiscovery solution assures companies and organizations to respond to any sort of litigation or legal requests swiftly and effortlessly. Hope this brief read help you select a sound eDiscovery solution from amongst plethora of eDiscovery solutions. 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Why Should You Embrace Supplier Diversity Programs

The world of business is constantly changing, and this includes the manner in which firms are sourcing products and services. One such paradigm shift is referred to as supplier diversity programs. Supplier diversity is typically when firms contract with minority-owned businesses that usually supply products to organizations or corporations. These minority-owned businesses are also known as minority business enterprises. They are made up of small businesses that are run and owned by women, disabled or veteran proprietors or even disabled persons. Although supplier diversity is largely a legal requirement, it can also be considered as a good business decision.  This is because there are a range of benefits that businesses reap from embracing supplier diversity programs. Here are some of these benefits:

·   Economic development: when you support minority business enterprises, you contribute in stimulating job creation as well as economic development. When you establish contracts with MBEs you also help your business grow in some way. It is because you will be providing their communities or even the market segments you employ with extra income. In turn, the additional income could be spent on your company’s products.

·         Access to market:  ever heard of first-mover advantage? This is what you gain when you are the first one to create a relationship with the minority community; that is when you do it before your competitors do it. You will be in a position to develop relationships and consequently get easy access to a new community. You may just be in the process of finding a new market segment for your company.

·      Public relations: public opinion of your company is crucial in the world of business since it could cause the success or failure of your business. When you work with diverse suppliers, you gain favourable public image which is ultimately seen as corporate social responsibility. In turn, you will manage to increase the satisfaction of organizational stakeholders.

·     Price: by supporting minority business enterprises, you will be creating competition for non-MBEs. This could in turn result in not only lower prices but also more choices and improved quality of supplies in the long run as more and more suppliers compete for the same contracts.

These are some of the most important benefits that businesses can gain for dealing with diversity database of suppliers that they choose to involve in their business activity. In the process of helping the less disadvantaged, they benefit more. 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A Quest for the Best Web Design Company in the 21st Century

The web today is very different from what it used to be before. Companies now have to consider search engine crawlers, algorithms, user experience and a host of other things when they get their websites designed. The architecture of your website is a make-or-break affair and bad architecture has very negative effects on your business. This need has seen many companies seeking to establish themselves on the internet laboring to isolate the best web design company from all the other players in the industry. The question of the best service provider has a rather personal answer which takes the unique needs of every business into consideration.

How Your Website Should Be Designed

Nowadays websites have a number of requirements that go into the design process such as:

The website must be able to load pretty fast. Users will not wait around for websites that take ages to load. Consumers prefer fast loading websites and will abandon the search on your site and go to a competitor’s if yours takes forever.

You must consider mobile. Statistics have repeatedly shown the massive movement towards mobile internet usage by the majority of people the world over. This reality has seen companies falling over each other trying to ensure that their websites are compatible with mobile devices. Various new concepts have also come to the fore during this time and one that has gotten viral is the continuous scrolling design. Responsive web design saves you from having to finance the design of 2 websites to cater for the different platforms. Internet users also expect mobile websites to load as fast as or even better than their desktop counterparts.

Web users need a perfectly structured website that is easy to navigate. If a visitor runs into problems as they look for information or products then they will leave which costs you hugely in the long run. A lot of features are now something of a necessity if you desire a high quality working website. One example is the use of pop ups during the course of a visitor’s surfing. The pop ups can even intervene as a visitor is about to leave and inquire as to the reason. Such mechanisms go a long way in availing actionable information to your decision making processes.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Energy Trading Surveillance Services: At a Glance

In due course of time the incessant rise in number of sellers and buyers entering trading demands a transparent system to build trust among each other. Hence, it becomes essential on part of every trading company to employ trading surveillance services in order to remain compliant with ever changing rules and regulations. Along with various over the counter markets (OTC), natural gas trading poses huge challenges in regulating market transparency and unscrupulous practices. In recent past these challenges have become more sever in case of gas trading because the emergence of several trading practices are influencing the value of position and benchmark pricing. As a matter of fact, regulators demand strict surveillance into potentially abusive behavior. This is when energy trading surveillance services come into picture which is instrumental in keeping energy trading companies compliant with specific regulations.

Energy trading surveillance services

Surveillance companies help energy trading companies efficiently detect market abuse, suspicious trading, price manipulation and insider dealing, especially in case of gas trading companies. They help firms to be REMIT (Regulation on Energy Market integrity and transparency) compliant. Always, look for a provider that makes use of advanced surveillance technology and provides a complete market abuse monitoring and alert management solution.


-        Monitoring and systematic management of market abuse and insider dealing activities
-        Deep insight into potential incidents
-        Complete compliance with REMIT requirements
-        Cost-effective
-        Enhance credibility of the trading firm

How to find a reliable energy trading surveillance service provider?

Surveillance is a crucial procedure for which you need to employ a reliable trading surveillance service provider. First thing first, start with a local web search which will lead you to numerous service providers online. Make sure you read the testimonials posted on the website of the companies you shortlist, before you make the final selection. This will give you a fair idea about the credibility of the company.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Customer Experience Software Solutions for Travel and Hospitality Industry

Customer management is crucial because the success of any business is directly proportional to the number of its satisfied customers. For this particular reason customer experience software solutions are developed so that the customers can get instant answers to their queries. A company that is able to guarantee a flawless and comprehensive platform for consumers gets in demand instantly. This happens due to the fact that everyone who requires a definite type of service needs to have a certain platform to ask for it. In this article, we will focus on travel and hospitality industry and how using customer service software may help.

When we talk about travel and hospitality industry, owners demand customer service software that is capable enough to provide detailed information to every user. To reduce unstoppable customer calls regarding a particular service, customer service software solution is imperative. Finding seamless and reliable information online is what every customer prefers and it should be a goal of every company to provide desirable qualities to the consumers.

Why do Travel Businesses Need Customer Service Software

Comprehensive Solution

Such software provides comprehensive information to customers, and solve their queries instantly so that they do not require to wait for a call center call to connect.

Email Management

Customer emails are important and should not be ignored. If a customer receives a response instantly about their travel queries, then they prefer the same business again in future.

Multiple ways of finding information

Customer experience software solutions provide customers different ways of finding information. It can also be used to send outbound emails to a mailing list.

Easy Virtual Communication

In this technological era, virtual communication is essential if you want to remain ahead of the competitors. It is because of the fact that in order to know about an explicit service, sometimes web chat becomes an easier mode of communication.

Customers today are smart. Their moods and expectations are changing and they are looking for a company that can be at pace with them. There are numerous occasions including research, decision making and buying stages and a customer can abandon a session in a midway, without any particular reason, or due to a minor confusion. This can be reduced by providing personalized assistance to customers during transaction process. If they receive that timely help, they are more likely to complete their transactions and make a purchase from you on a regular basis. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Intrigue Of Wool

A light hearted look at what makes wool such a useful material, now and through the ages. Written professionally the article looks at some of wools best assets.

And how these unique properties can make your bed the perfect haven for a restful night’s sleep
Summer is most definitely here! Whilst we enjoy the heat by day, getting a good night’s sleep can be elusive with temperatures in non-air conditioned rooms reaching sweltering proportions. All over the UK, people are struggling to get the night’s sleep they need to function the next day… and we all know how some people handle this lack of sleep better than others.

And so it seems rather odd to think that the solution to keeping cool at night lies in wool. After all, look at any variety of sheep and you will think warmth – full delightful wool that we associate more with keeping the cold of winter away in woolly jumpers, cardigans and socks and thus, the thought of layering our bed with a wool duvet, mattress topper and pillows seems an odd thing to do in the sweltering heat of summer.

But take a walk through the qualities of wool and you will see just how intriguing a material this is…

Hygroscopic – not a word that is commonly used and you will be forgiven for having no idea what it means! In a nutshell, it describes the property of being able to absorb, retain and release moisture (and, in this case, without affecting wool’s thermal qualities). This is a property unique to not just wool, but to many others too including sugar, salt and honey.

This ability to ‘breathe’ means that wool has been recognised as a great insulator in buildings, especially in places where moisture or fluctuations in humidity is a concern. Hence woolly socks on wet wellingtons mean you still have dry feet. No wonder wool duvets and pillows are becoming an attractive purchase…

Noise – wool can soak up many things, from oil slicks in the sea to noise. Noise is a vibration and sometimes these acoustic interruptions are not welcome. In the home, for example, wool insulation is a great way preventing sound carrying from one room to another. All-in-all, a great property for bringing peace and relative harmony to a household.

Biodegradable – we are all being encouraged to take positive action, thus reducing our impact on the world and the limited non-renewable resources left. As a result, the ‘fashion’ of purchasing and using biodegradable materials has become a firm fixture. Rather than filling landfill with plastic that takes billions of years degrade (if it ever does…), we are now putting biodegradable material on the compost and using it to fertilise the garden. Wool that is no serviceable and done its job, like human hair, will eventually completely breakdown, releasing no harmful chemicals, gases or other nasty stuff that shorten the earth’s natural life.

Nitrogen – is an element that has fabulous properties, especially when released slowly and naturally from wool and other biodegradable substances. It is a rich and much needed fertiliser that surrounding plants and organisms will feed on, growing healthy and lush.

Non-combustible – we are all now aware of the need for new furniture and soft furnishings to ne non-flammable. This is a direct result of phasing out the use of materials that give off harmful gasses when they burn and wool has this magic property! Its flashpoint is around 570°-600° but below these temperature, in its untreated state, it chars, preventing the spread of flames. It then self-extinguishes.

And so, wool is a property with many intriguing qualities that not only keep you warm or cool (depending on the humidity levels, which it ‘works out’ for itself), it also keeps you safe.

Gueat author Paulin Beijen has written this article using her excellent knowledge of wool. Pauline founded Devon Duvets along with her husband and they began developing wool bedding from there very own flock of sheep. Today Pauline heads up a fantastic operation at Devon Duvets who are a big part in the resurgence of wool.